November 12, 2009

Once upon a time I wanted rows and rows of long shelves in my bedroom where I could display my extensive shoe collection. As the husband and curious climbing cats will never allow this to become a reality, I will need to display my shoes only to myself on my computer. I keep forgetting about shoes that I own and love because I can’t see them all tucked away in their boxes inside the closet-within-a-closet. I’m such an organization nerd that I think it’s a totally fun project to make files on my computer for my shoes based on height, comfort, color, condition, fit, and whatever other categories I may think of. To motivate myself to do this, I will treat it as an art project and post one pair a day here, starting tomorrow. As I have a strange sort of memory, I will try to add details about each pair such as where I got them, how much (especially if they were a deal – I love deals!), where I first wore them (I call it their “debut”), what I bought them to go with, etc. I can’t remember the ends of movies I’ve seen, but I can surely tell you about that pair of black mary janes I bought at Marshall Field’s for fifty bucks in 2002. Okay, so I’m kind of a shoe nerd, too.


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