Awesome red leather boots with elastic strap detail

November 15, 2009

Red BootsBrand: Miz Mooz

Name: Oscar

Year purchased: 2009

Store: Heavenly Soles

Price: $60

Debut: The day I bought them. I wear these quite often. They were notably worn with my BCBG dress in Beverly Hills the day before my 30th birthday as my “daytime walking around shoes” because they’re extremely comfortable.

Manny and I took a bicycle ride to Uptown last spring and I popped into Heavenly Soles (my other favorite shoe store) just to look around.  I couldn’t take these boots off after I tried them on.  They were the last pair in the store on the clearance rack. The best part is I haggled for them; they were originally $120 marked down to $90.  When I gave the saleslady puppy dog eyes, she knocked 1/3 off the price.  Manny carried my old shoes on his back the rest of our bike ride so I could wear these.

Not their debut, but here’s a bonus photo of the boots with my BCBG dress in Beverly Hills:


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