Red sparkly patent leather and suede covered wedges

November 16, 2009

Brand: Poetic Licence

Name: Covered Up

Year purchased: 2009


Price: $36 on clearance

Debut: my last dinner of my 20s in Beverly Hills

I saw these shoes on the clearance rack at my most favorite shoe store (Bay Street Shoes in Calhoun Square) for $90, marked down from $118.  I tried them on, fell in love, and totally wanted/needed them for my birthday dinner in Beverly Hills.  They were perfect.  They screamed, “I’m turning 30 tomorrow and I’m excited!”  As I hadn’t had the satisfaction of going shoe shopping yet for this event, I let Manny talk me out of buying them right then and there.  When I got home, I searched for them online and found them on Amazon for a mere $36 ($118 shoes for $36?! What a deal!).  There was no amount of talking Manny could do to keep me from purchasing them at that price (with free shipping, no less).  I found a wonderful BCBG dress to go with them for my fancy dinner at Mr. Chow.  Here is a bonus photo of the ensemble right before dinner:


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