Red canvas high-tops

December 1, 2009

Brand: Converse

Name: Chuck Taylor All Star

Year purchased: 1992

Price: $32?

Store: somewhere at the Mall of America

Watch your step, everyone, as we climb into the Way Back Machine.  When I was very young, my mom received some promotional piece of mail for a ’50s record collection; the cover had on it a pair of women’s legs capped with red canvas high-top sneakers.  I became aesthetically obsessed with those sneakers.  Fast forward about five years to the opening of the Mall of America.  My first trip there (right before seventh grade) produced my first pair of Chuck Taylors.  They were forest green.  On subsequent trips, I collected a red pair, two different plaid flannel pairs (it was 1992), and a pair of low-tops.  I wore a pair of Chuck Taylors every day of seventh grade.  The red pair are the only ones I still have; the rest fell victim to the Great Closet Cleanout of ’04.


One Response to “Red canvas high-tops”

  1. I just copped a brand new pair. My first pair of Chucks too!! Those are wicked awesome! Retro <3! I got the black on blacks. Ready to rawk the city in them :D!

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