The Most Perfect Sneakers There Ever Was

December 2, 2009

Brand: Converse

Name: Turf Star

Year purchased: 2004

Price: $50

Store: Lady Foot Locker

I wore these every day for three or so years, from the day I bought them until the day they were Retired.  If I could find another pair, I would wear those every day.  They are black leather (not suede) with black laces and black sole.  They have a wide toe, so they don’t get lost under wider pant legs, and they aren’t puffy like other sneakers can be.  They are, to sum up, The Most Perfect Sneakers There Ever Was.  I have not yet been able to find a suitable replacement.  If I could find these again, I would buy them in an instant.  If you ever find a pair in a women’s size 6.5 or 7, buy them for me and I will pay you back plus a finder’s fee.  Seriously. I miss these shoes, and would still be wearing them if they didn’t have a hole in the toe and leak through the sole.  It felt really good to put them on for the photo.


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