Gold silk d’orsay pumps with bow

December 27, 2009

Brand: Caparros

Name: Vincente II

Year purchased: 2008

Price: $50

Store: DSW

Debut: they were my bridesmaid shoes for my sister’s wedding

For my sister’s wedding last fall I bought this beautiful gold and brown Jessica McClintock dress, and the other bridesmaid bought an all-gold dress.  I had the great idea of getting matching shoes, since our dresses didn’t match, and my sister knew to give me free reign over the shoe selection.  I fell in love with these shoes, but had to do a lot of convincing to get the other bridesmaid to agree to wear them.  By the time I decided to get them regardless of what anyone else was going to do, they were sold out in my size online (and the stores didn’t have them in gold).  I religiously checked DSW’s website, and must’ve caught a return, because one day they had one pair available in my size.  I snatched them up immediately.  By the time the wedding rolled around, the other bridesmaid hadn’t found a pair of shoes she liked better, so she got a matching pair!  Here is a bonus photo of the wedding party (with our shoes!):


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