Lists and whatnots

January 5, 2010

The changeover from the end of December to the beginning of January is a time for lists: best-ofs, favorites, resolutions, yearly goals, etc., it all gets listed.  I’d like to make a list, too.  This list is called “What I Look For In A Shoe”, subtitled “I Don’t Like Shoes With This Stuff”, and sub-subtitled “My Shoe Manifesto In List Form”.  It’s very informal.  Here goes.

  1. I like red.  I like sparkly.  If you show me a red, sparkly shoe, I will buy it.
  2. I find most round-toe, stacked-heel neutral leather shoes to be “starter shoes”; I still have a few pairs of starter shoes at the bottom of my closet.  They are practical and boring, but they are also appropriate for most outfits and beat wearing sneakers as dress shoes.  The next level of shoe is stacked-heel and neutral still, but with a square toe.
  3. I have a thing for mary janes and I’m not sure why.  I guess I’m a sucker for that strap.  Most of my shoes are mary janes, from the stacked-heeled starters to the loudly-printed patent leather pumps.  My heart has the same pitter-pat reaction to t-straps as well.
  4. My shoe size is the display size.  If the display is a bigger or smaller size, I pretty much can guess that they are out of my size in the back.  It also means that I can just drop a shoe and discretely try on anything at any time without waiting for a salesperson.
  5. I don’t like peep-toe shoes or open-toe booties (Really? You made a sandal-boot hybrid? Why would you do that?).  I don’t like when the toe is open if the heel is closed and vice versa.  I own one pair of sling-backs.  They are wine-colored sparkly patent leather and were super cheap.
  6. I also don’t particularly like wedges or platforms, but there is more wiggle room with these if the overall shoe design is pleasing.  The current trend of covered platforms icks me out, though.  It’s a very stodgy toe to end whatever line you’ve created with the rest of your outfit.
  7. I won’t buy a shoe if it doesn’t make my feet look pretty.  This means I can’t buy a shoe I haven’t tried on; if I buy something off the internet, I probably have tried it on in a store and found a better color or price online.
  8. I don’t have big feet and I’m not a tall person, so I have no reason to like ballet flats.  I have only ever bought them to stick in the car when I knew I’d have to do a lot of standing or walking in a particular pair of cute heels.  They still aren’t very comfortable, but at least they move the ouchies from the bottom of your foot to the top when you switch shoes during a wedding reception.
  9. I can’t wear ankle straps.  I’m short, for one, and shouldn’t cut off my leg line at the ankle.  For two, I just don’t like things grabbing at my ankles.  Yuck-o.
  10. I used to think pointy-toed shoes were only appropriate for ladies in their 30s and older; I felt like a little girl playing dress-up when I would try them on.
  11. I am finding myself attracted to unusual shoe shapes, which are high fashion “in” right now.  I’m not rushing out to buy the ass-backwards Marc Jacobs pumps or anything, but curved heels, covered wedges, and mary jane booties are pretty out there compared to where I started (see: starter shoes).  And I love them.
  12. I adore patent leather.
  13. One of my favorite things is a monochromatic mix of different materials, particularly when the materials have different sheens (eg. patent leather and suede).
  14. I’ve only purchased one pair of shoes since starting this project.  They were sneakers.  I’m wearing them right now.

I hope this list puts everything in perspective.  Those of you holding your breath until the first pair of peep-toes were featured can exhale now.  I’m sure I’ll continue to think of items and opinions to add to this list, but we’ll call it complete for today.


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