January 7, 2010

Since this is supposed to be an art blog (and not just a place to show off my shoe collection), I went back through old posts and tagged them with the camera I used.  I mostly use my digital SLR (handy little guy), but recently I’ve been taking more photos with my phone.  They don’t look as nice as the photos from the SLR, but it’s still a challenge to compose a self-portrait of my feet while I’m wearing my shoes.  I’ve been taking those mostly from work, which means I’ve been picking out a different pair of shoes to wear each of those days, instead of only wearing my new sneakers.  The other new element is the rediscovery of my fixed 50mm f1.4 aperture lens.  The shallow depth of field that comes from using this lens is really fun to play with, and my messy apartment blurs together as a colorful and cohesive background (instead of the cluttery jumble that it actually is).  I can only use this lens while I’m holding the camera; it doesn’t work well with the self-timer, as the focus needs to be extremely precise, but I love the effect.

I might try to do more “on location” photos in more places, either with my camera phone or my little red camera I keep in my purse.  This would be easier if the weather was warm.  The variety of shoes I can leave the house in without freezing my toes or slipping on ice is very limited!


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