Extremely practical granola-eating waterproof sandals

January 15, 2010

Brand: Keen

Name: Whisper

Year purchased: 2009

Price: $76.50 after 10% Galleria employee discount

Store: Mark Trail in the Galleria

I did a lot of research to find out what the most comfortable waterproof shoes were for wearing around Disneyland on my 30th birthday.  I wanted a shoe that I could walk around in all day, but were waterproof in case we got wet on the Matterhorn.  Manny had a pair of Keens that served him well at Valleyfair, so I started there.  It was tough.  There are no waterproof, comfortable, stylish sandals around.  They’re all made for adventure-seeking, outdoorsy, granola-eaters.  You know, all function and no sass.  It was between Keens and Chacos, both of which were carried by the outdoorsy store at the Galleria that gave a 10% discount if you worked at any store in the mall (which I did).  The Chacos felt like my feet were strapped to bricks, so I bit the bullet and spent a bunch of money on a purely functional shoe.  Funny enough, I had less of a problem buying a matching fanny pack than I did buying unstylish shoes.

They debuted uneventfully, but here are two bonus pictures of me wearing my Keens on vacation in Los Angeles:

Riding a tandem bicycle with Manny on the Strand

At Disneyland on my 30th birthday.


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