We’re getting down to the bottom, but nowhere near done

January 18, 2010

On Saturday, I cleared out my shoe closet and made a pile of all the as-yet undocumented shoes.  The pile consists of mainly flats and open-toed heels, many of which I don’t wear or had completely forgotten that I owned.  These are difficult to photograph and write about, since I don’t have a whole lot to say about them.  (“Uh…these are mine?  Oh, yeah, I guess I bought those once.”)  I’m also running out of places in my house to take photographs, but I can’t really model my sandals outside right now!  I still have a few gems in the bunch, and it’s really fun to rediscover old, long-forgotten shoes.  No photograph today, mostly because I couldn’t decide which pair to feature (and I was super unmotivated).  I taxed all of my creative energy earlier this evening styling an outfit to wear for my company’s fancy dinner on Saturday night.  No debuts, although I really tried to find a dress to wear with my unworn purple silk d’orsay pumps, but the Kenneth Cole suede and patent leather booties just looked better.  Back on the horse tomorrow, I promise.


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