Red silk stacked-heel sandals with gold dragons

January 22, 2010

Brand: Paulina

Store: Lava Lounge

Oh my goodness, I love these shoes.  They are way old; I probably bought them in high school or when I first started college.  I’ve always had a thing for Chinese dragons embroidered on silk, and I believe these shoes were the last pair in the store, discounted greatly, and in my size.  Oh, yeah, and they’re red.  I’ve worn the crap out of them, and they’re kinda falling apart, so I don’t wear them very much anymore.  The shape is a little starter-shoe, but the color and pattern more than make up for it.


3 Responses to “Red silk stacked-heel sandals with gold dragons”

  1. jenna Says:

    is it possible i could buy these sandels?

  2. Jennifer Clarke Says:

    well then would u please tell me wear u bought them?

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