Black canvas mary jane flats with embroidered red dragons

January 25, 2010

Brand: Tuk

Name: I don’t know because I cut out the itchy tag

Year purchased: mid ’00s

Price: $10 (on clearance)

Store: Heavenly Soles (R.I.P.)

I had a $10 bill in my pocket, these were the last pair in the store, they were in my size, they came with a free tote bag, and Manny tried to talk me out of buying them.  We’ve established my affinity for dragons, the color red, black shoes, and mary janes, and these were black mary janes with red dragons; if that ten dollar bill in my pocket was the last ten dollars I had and couldn’t eat dinner that night without it, I still would’ve bought those shoes.  These were the first pair in a small collection of canvas Tuk flats (all bought on sale), and they’re what I wear in the summer when most ladies wear sandals or ballet flats.  Even the free tote bag has proven valuable: I carry my coffee thermos and lunch in it to work every day.


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