Black foam and canvas flip-flops

March 4, 2010

Brand: ?

Name: ?

Year purchased: 1998

Price: $2

Store: Saint Sabrina’s Parlor in Purgatory

Debut: the shower in my dorm, I’m sure

These are my flip-flops.  They are twelve years old, probably pretty gross, and would be my only pair if I had not thought I’d lost them right before we went to the beach last summer.  I wear them to the beach, to swimming pools, indoor water parks, and in public showers.  I do not wear them otherwise, even though the inch-thick foam sole is slightly less awful for arches than those flat plastic flip-flops.  I wore them to the Water Park of America on Valentine’s Day (where this photo was taken) and still have a small scab on each foot from where they rubbed my skin off from flipping and flopping up all the steps and in the water.  They are not walking shoes.  They were purchased specifically to wear in the dorm shower when I started college.  I was at Saint Sabrina’s and was so excited they had a pair of plain black flip-flops, even though at two dollars a pair, they were twice as expensive as the overly colorful pairs I had seen at Target.  I’m such a sucker.


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