The brown sandal verdict is in

March 8, 2010

Today I received the second pair of brown sandals that I had ordered last week, and I’ve made my decision.  It should surprise nobody that I’ve chosen the cute ones instead of the comfortable pair.  Why?  The “comfortable” pair are not so much.  The sole is indeed super cushiony and nice, but they doubled up on the leather strip that sits between the toes, causing pain and completely negating any comfort the rest of the sandal provides.  They’re not cute enough to endure pain for.  The cute pair actually does have a bit of cushion on the sole and nothing between the toes, so they’re the keepers.  Plus they were cheaper.  And cuter.  Oh, and they were actually the dark brown color I was looking for, minus the gold bits, while the other pair was a little lighter than I expected.

There you have it, the suspense is over.  I will make a full post for the pair I am keeping very soon.


2 Responses to “The brown sandal verdict is in”

  1. Anna Says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    While I know you are currently occupied with RMP dreams- I need your help with a shoe decision. I recently ordered two pair of sneakers -both at a great price- with the plan that I would choose between them. (similar to your sandal plan) However, now I can’t make the decision. I love them both! One will be great as a stock room shoe- the other for every day wear. I purchased both pair for the original price of one. What would YOU do?

    • Dear Anna,
      I would keep both. Practical shoes that you love and got for an awesome price are always worth it.

      Now, if you absolutely cannot keep both, I would think about what you already have. If your old stockroom shoes are better than your old everyday shoes, I would keep the new everyday shoes and vice versa. Keep whichever pair is a better upgrade from the pair you already own.

      Okay, so if your old shoes are even-steven, put both pairs of new shoes back in their boxes for twenty-four hours. Whichever ones you think about the most are the ones to keep. Or, just throw one of each in the air and keep the shoe that hits the ground first.

      Hope this helps.

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