Vintage white leather loafers

June 29, 2010

Brand: Amalfi

Name: Arni?

Year purchased: 2010

Price: $18

Store: New Bohemia (Austin, TX)

Debut: brunch with my dad at Manny’s Steakhouse on Father’s Day

These shoes remind me of my grandmother, who was a very classy lady with very stylish taste.  Manny and I were on a road trip in Austin, TX, this past spring, and I found Vintage Store Row, aka South Congress.  We tried riding our bikes to South Congress, but it’s hot, humid, and hilly in Texas.  I also found too many awesome things to carry back on my bike, so Manny rode back to our friends’ house by himself to get our car.  I amused myself the entire time in this one store while he was gone, finding a plethora of treasures for reasonable prices.  This pair of shoes was the first thing I tried on, barely getting my sweaty foot into the size 7AAA shoe.  They have plenty of room in the toe, but they are the narrowest shoes I’ve ever put on my feet!  Anyway, I had to have them, and I love them.


One Response to “Vintage white leather loafers”

  1. Kate Says:

    Only $18??? Those loafers look straight out of Italy! I’ll have to check those out next time I’m in Austin!

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