Surprise coral, cream, and silver leather oxfords

June 30, 2010

Brand: Born

Name: Palmera Tristan Leather

Year purchased: 2010

Price: $30 (secondhand)

Store: TurnStyle

Debut: Work the very next day

I first saw these shoes at Macy’s in 2008 and fell in love.  I couldn’t justify spending $110 on coral-colored shoes, however; it just seemed impractical.  Fast forward about two years to a regular browsing session at TurnStyle in Roseville after work.  These bad boys were sitting on the shoe rack in my size, priced at an affordable $30, and appeared to have been only worn once, if at all.  They were in impeccable shape, without even a slight foot indent in the footbed or a scuff on the sole.  I snatched them up so fast and wouldn’t put them down for anything.  The funny part is, I thought they would be impractical, but I’ve been wearing them nearly every day since I bought them in April.


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