Extremely simple Simple black leather sandals

July 27, 2010

Brand: Simple

Oh, I don’t remember anything else about the purchase of these sandals.  I got them maybe five years ago?  From possibly Macy’s?  For maybe around $30?  That all seems right, but I’m not certain about any of it.  All I know is that my sister was wearing these sandals in brown, and I said, “Oh, sandals I actually like?  What are they?” and immediately ran out and got a pair.  I wore them over to my friend Tari’s house and she said, “Ooohh….I like those!  What are they?”  So the three of us ended up with matching sandals, but because they’re so clean-lined and simple, it’s all good.


One Response to “Extremely simple Simple black leather sandals”

  1. Manny Says:

    I recall your sister had the brown pair of those.

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