White leather strappy sandals with low faux-wood heel

July 27, 2010

Brand: Rampage

Name: Felcite

Year purchased: 2005-ish

Price: The price on the box says $39.99, but I’m sure there was a percentage off that price because I wouldn’t have paid that much

Store: I’m thinking these were from Famous Footwear

In 2005 I had these blue-and-white-striped short pants that were supposed to be capris, but fit more like highwaters because of my height.  I didn’t have any shoes that made them look good, so I went shopping for a pair of white sandals that would reduce the nerdiness and increase the classiness of these pants.  These shoes worked like a charm for that.  Alas, the pants no longer fit and have since been donated, but the shoes survived.  I don’t wear them a whole lot because they’re not totally my style, but it’s nice to have a pair of white delicate sandal heels around for that summer BBQ with extended family.


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