Vintage cream patent leather t-strap pumps

August 16, 2010

Brand: House of Pierre

Name: Grecian Last

Year purchased: 2010

Price: $2

Store: Salvation Army

Debut: This morning a a job interview!

I found myself at the Salvation Army by the Farmer’s Market one morning, helping a friend shop for vases for wedding table centerpieces.  Of course I couldn’t leave without checking out the shoe area!  I was upset that they had raised the price of shoes to $4, but then saw a sign that said “all shoes on sale for $2”.  Um, I think somebody somewhere really likes me and wants me to have vintage shoes.  The patent leather is in kind of rough shape, but I love the lines and the detail so much that I just ignore the crackly texture.  If it’s not peeling off, it’s all good!


One Response to “Vintage cream patent leather t-strap pumps”

  1. jill Says:

    So love these shoes. Am hunting online for a pair to buy and my search led me to your pic. :-). If you ever want to sell them let me know!! Love your 100 Shoes!!!! Jill

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