Black leather ballet flats with flower appliqué

March 3, 2011

Brand: Ciao Bella

Name: Frankie

Year purchased: 2011

Store: DSW

Price: $42 (clearance)

Debut: Oh, not yet.  Not until the snow melts, probably.

I saw these shoes about six months ago and wanted them really badly.  I couldn’t justify $60 on a pair of shoes at the time, not even practical black flats, so I tried to find a cheaper version with the sculptural black flowers.  Alas, all the other flowers looked dumb compared to these, so I stopped trying to find a cheaper replacement.

Fast forward to last week.  I saw a pair of $40 shoes online at Urban Outfitters, practical black flats, that were super cute but not in my size.  I got financial approval to check Uptown to see if the store there had them in stock before I picked Manny up from work.  No luck, so I talked Manny into heading to the Mall of America with me that evening to check there.  They didn’t have them either, but DSW had these flats on clearance for my pre-approved shoe purchase amount.  I am so excited to wear them all summer long!


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