Vintage gold leather peep-toe sandals with wooden wedge heel

July 11, 2011

Brand: Prevata

Year purchased: 2011

Price: $23 + $6 shipping

Store: SweetHeart on Etsy

Debut: Manny’s show with Sorry OK in the First Ave mainroom

I bought these for a wedding I’m going to in August, to wear with a dress I’m making from a vintage pattern.  I wanted a pair of shoes that would be wearable all day, be cool enough for an outdoor summer wedding in Texas, and be something I could and would wear again.  These were totally perfect: unique and pretty, comfortable, and vintage but from a different era than my dress pattern (so as not to look like I’m wearing a costume).  I tried these out during Gastro Non Grata at First Ave, and they passed with flying colors.  I was able to wear them during load-in, sound check, through seven bands, load out, and over to the Hexagon for three more bands before my feet started to hurt.  And a group of girls I didn’t know complimented my shoes, like, gushed over them in unison, so I know I’m not the only one who loves them.


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