Vintage red leather kitten heel booties with white piping

November 9, 2011

Brand: Red

Name: ?

Year purchased: 2011

Price: about $30 after all was said and done

Store: Starlet Vintage on Etsy

Debut: they need to be repaired first

I sometimes torture myself by searching for vintage shoes in my size on Etsy.  These shoes caught my eye last spring, and nobody bought them (including me!) because they were priced kinda high at $68 plus ten bucks for shipping.  But I couldn’t get them out of my head.  So when I received a generous gift of cash for my birthday, I immediately knew what to do with it.  I was going to buy these shoes.  Lucky me, they were on sale for 20% off, so I shelled out $65 of my birthday money for the shoes and shipping.  When I received them, they were not in “excellent” condition as described.  They had stains and markings not mentioned in the listing, and a chew mark on the heel, plus both heel caps had fallen off (which is what needs to be repaired before I can wear them).  I still loved the shoes, but I had never spent that much on vintage/used shoes before, and I had expected them to be in pristine condition.  I was disappointed with my birthday present to myself.  I emailed the seller and explained to her the issues and that I was unhappy with the price for the condition.  It’s not like they were vintage Prada or Ferragamo or anything like that.  The very lovely and very nice seller was understanding and refunded $35 back to me, which I promptly spent on two tickets for Manny and me to go see Helmet play a show at the Cabooze.  I’m excited to get them fixed and wear them.  They’re so rock-and-roll.


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