Vintage caramel loafers with gold buckle

November 10, 2011

Brand: Fantasy

Year purchased: 2011

Price: $12

Store: Mighty Swell Vintage Pop-Up Shop

Debut: $1.50 High Life’s at the Cedar Inn

At the beginning of October, Manny and I took a bike ride around south Minneapolis.  We ate lunch at Chris & Rob’s, and I kept seeing stylish ladies walking to their cars with bags full of goodies while we were sitting on the patio.  I had to go where they were going, which happened to be the cutest vintage store right next door.  I found this super awesome little stadium seat that I wanted to buy, but we were on our bikes all day and wouldn’t want to carry it around.  Since it’s just a pop-up shop, I had to wait almost a month to go back and see if they still had that seat.  I talked Manny into coming with me by bribing him with lunch from Chris & Rob’s again, and the seat was still there!  I also kept trying on these shoes.  I tried them on, then walked around, then tried them on again and showed Manny, then put them back and looked around, then tried them on again, etc, etc.  They didn’t have a tag, so I had to ask for the price and cross my fingers they were within my budget because I had made up my mind at that point that they were going to fit perfectly into my fall wardrobe and were totally necessary.


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