Navy and white leather loafers

March 9, 2012

Brand: Etienne Aigner

Name: Michele

Year purchased: 2011

Store: Savers

Price: $12

Debut: the Hexagon for a rock show

I have a minor addiction to secondhand stores, and if I’m in a neighborhood, town, or area that’s not near my home, I tend to take advantage and stop at whatever thrift store I see.  I was on my way north to visit my mom and bring her a belated birthday gift.  The Savers I passed had just opened, so of course I had to look around for a minute.  I hemmed and hawed about getting these shoes because I loved them so much, but $12 is a lot for a pair of shoes at a thrift store.  I finally determined that if I had seen navy and white Etienne Aigner loafers in my size on the internet, I would consider $12 (and no shipping!) to be quite the steal, so I got them.  So preppy, so classic, and I love the texture on the white part.


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