Brand: Converse One Star

Year purchased: 2011

Store: Savers

Price: $10 (I think)

Debut: Matt’s Bar for dinner

My aforementioned thrift store addiction brought me into the Savers by my house one morning.  I fell in love with these sneakers immediately, but I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I just carried them around the store for awhile to make sure the clothes in my cart didn’t fit and I didn’t have to buy anything else.  They are simple and casual with a bit of pizzazz, perfect to wear with skirts and shorts while riding my bike.


Brand: Etienne Aigner

Name: Michele

Year purchased: 2011

Store: Savers

Price: $12

Debut: the Hexagon for a rock show

I have a minor addiction to secondhand stores, and if I’m in a neighborhood, town, or area that’s not near my home, I tend to take advantage and stop at whatever thrift store I see.  I was on my way north to visit my mom and bring her a belated birthday gift.  The Savers I passed had just opened, so of course I had to look around for a minute.  I hemmed and hawed about getting these shoes because I loved them so much, but $12 is a lot for a pair of shoes at a thrift store.  I finally determined that if I had seen navy and white Etienne Aigner loafers in my size on the internet, I would consider $12 (and no shipping!) to be quite the steal, so I got them.  So preppy, so classic, and I love the texture on the white part.

Brand: Buskens

Name: Chico

Year purchased: 2011

Store: In Love Again on Etsy

Price: $20 + $5 shipping

Debut: not yet, waiting for warmer weather!

I love these shoes.  I’ve had these in my “favorites” on Etsy for months and months, and I finally was able to get them with Christmas money.  I cannot wait to wear these with skirts and shorts all summer long.  They have a padded footbed and super soft leather, and they’re red.

Brand: Rock & Candy

Name: Maui

Year purchased: 2011

Store: DSW

Price: $11

Debut: a local bar show (I forget which one)

I took my pregnant friend to DSW so she could find a comfortable pair of shoes to support her growing feet and belly.  I wasn’t supposed to spend any money, but these were so cute and a reasonable $11 on the clearance rack, so I just couldn’t resist.

Note: the photo is in memoriam of my sweet princess Monkey.  This was her favorite spot and her favorite toy.  We lost her to kitty cancer on New Year’s Eve day.  R.I.P. pretty girl.  Bonus photo of Monkey in the same spot:

Brand: Nomad

Name: Drizzle

Year purchased: 2012

Store: DSW online

Price: $29.94

Debut: Yesterday for my half-birthday at the Cedar Inn

A friend had sent me a link to these shoes in orange last summer, but they were kind of expensive and I couldn’t justify the purchase.  I had gotten a gift card for Christmas, and saw that DSW had these online on clearance, so I bought the black-and-white pair in a size that sometimes fits.  When I got them in the mail, they were way too small, but DSW only had the one size for that color.  Since I was more enamored with the concept of a rain loafer and the cute bow style, I ordered the blue and lime green pair instead in a better size.  They’re super comfy and I can’t wait to wear them all spring when it rains!

Brand: b.o.c.

Name: Larch

Year purchased: 2011

Store: DSW online

Price: $24.94

Debut: not yet because it’s still winter!

I had looked all summer for white sandals that I liked, and lo and behold, I found them in December on clearance.  I had received a gift card for Christmas and used it to buy two pairs of shoes (of course).  Can’t wait to wear these this summer!  They’re comfy and padded and totally cute.

Brand: Fantasy

Year purchased: 2011

Price: $12

Store: Mighty Swell Vintage Pop-Up Shop

Debut: $1.50 High Life’s at the Cedar Inn

At the beginning of October, Manny and I took a bike ride around south Minneapolis.  We ate lunch at Chris & Rob’s, and I kept seeing stylish ladies walking to their cars with bags full of goodies while we were sitting on the patio.  I had to go where they were going, which happened to be the cutest vintage store right next door.  I found this super awesome little stadium seat that I wanted to buy, but we were on our bikes all day and wouldn’t want to carry it around.  Since it’s just a pop-up shop, I had to wait almost a month to go back and see if they still had that seat.  I talked Manny into coming with me by bribing him with lunch from Chris & Rob’s again, and the seat was still there!  I also kept trying on these shoes.  I tried them on, then walked around, then tried them on again and showed Manny, then put them back and looked around, then tried them on again, etc, etc.  They didn’t have a tag, so I had to ask for the price and cross my fingers they were within my budget because I had made up my mind at that point that they were going to fit perfectly into my fall wardrobe and were totally necessary.