Brand: Couturé

Year purchased: 2012

Store/Price: these were gifted to me by a friend who was cleaning out her shoe closet

Debut: dancing at First Ave

These boots are awesome.  I love the giant eyelets.  They don’t have a cheater zipper, so it’s lace on and lace off every time you wear them!  Old school.


Brand: Siren by Mark Nason

Year purchased: 2012

Store/Price: these were gifted to me by a friend who was cleaning out her shoe closet

These boots are badass and I can’t wait to wear them.  I’ve been searching for a pair of dark brown knee-high boots, and these basically fell into my lap.  Many thanks!

Brand: Timberland

Name: Classic 6″ Boot Blue Patent

Year purchased: 2011

Store: Friedman’s

Price: $50

Debut: the day I bought them

Manny and I were driving around a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop in at Friedman’s for fun.  I spotted these boots from across the store and kept going back to them.  Manny was about to close the deal on a new pair of sneakers when I finally spoke up and admitted that I really, really wanted to try these on.  They took a few wearings to break them in enough to not walk around like Frankenstein’s monster, but now they’re pretty comfortable and are super nice for this rainy Minnesota spring.

Brand: Totes

Name: Anne

Year purchased: 2010


Price: $30 (with coupon)

Debut: The day they came in the mail!

My old snowboots were all cracked and leaky, so I threw them away last fall.  Stupid me didn’t wait until I bought new snowboots, of course, so inevitably it snowed a few inches in the week between ordering these boots and having them arrive to my apartment.  These have been good, sturdy, warm, cheap boots all winter.  I wear them every day out in the mountains of snow and have yet to get a cold, wet foot.

Brand: Matisse

Name: Daniel

Year purchased: 2010

Price: $64 (on clearance with two coupons)

Store: DSW

Debut: work yesterday

We went to DSW with expiring coupons to find Manny a pair of snowboots.  He found a pair of shoes he wanted more, and I found these.  I wasn’t planning on spending so much, and I wasn’t planning on also using my rewards coupon yet, but I couldn’t pass these up.  They were just way too cool.  It’s nice having dressy boots with almost flat heels, and I didn’t have any boots that went with brown.  So there.

Steel-toe Doc Martens

October 24, 2010

These appeared out of nowhere, I swear.  I think they’re secondhand.  Maybe?  I don’t remember getting them at all.

Brand: Any markings these had have long since worn off, and I got these before I started saving shoe boxes.

Year purchased: 2003ish?

Price: I would guess around $125

Store: Heavenly Soles (R.I.P.)

Black leather knee-high boots were super popular in the late ’90s and early this century, so I resisted.  I couldn’t resist for very long, though, since they have become such a classic shoe.  Most of the knee-high boots, however, were bulky and too tall on my stubby little legs, so it made it easier to write them off as Something I Will Never Have.  When I tried these on, they fit perfectly.  They’re lined and leather and pretty comfortable for a heeled boot.