Brand: Chilis

Year purchased: these were a gift from my mother-in-law

Debut: Not until summer!

My mother-in-law had given me two pairs of shoes when we got together to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Although I don’t usually wear flip-flops, these are special.  They have a cushioned footbed, so they’ll be comfortable and won’t wreck my feet, and they have a rhinestone buckle.  I love rhinestones maybe more than anything else.  I’ll be the fanciest girl at the beach this summer.


Brand: NaturalSoul by Naturalizer

Name: Rosalyn

Year purchased: 2012

Store: these were a gift from my mother-in-law

Debut: Not yet!

My in-laws got together to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday, so I wasn’t expecting to get a bag with two pairs of shoes!  It wasn’t my birthday, after all.  What’s strange is that I was wearing these shoes that day, and the flower patterns match exactly.  I also have these shoes with the same flowery pattern, and I recently somehow found a matching belt at a secondhand store.  Maybe someday I’ll find a matching purse…


Brand: Poetic Licence

Name: Spring Blooms2

Year purchased: 2011

Store: DSW

Price: $25 (on clearance with coupon)

Debut: Mother’s Day!

Manny and I went to the Mall of America a couple of weeks ago to run some errands, and I inevitably ended up at DSW with my rewards coupon.  These were the first shoes I spotted when I walked into the clearance section, and I held onto the box with a kung-fu-death-grip until I left the store.  When I was waiting in line to buy them, the lady in front of me made me take them out of the box because she couldn’t believe how pretty they were!  And the salesclerk exclaimed over them while she was ringing me up, so I had validation of their cuteness before they were even officially mine.

P.S.  You can’t see it in the photo very well, but the heel is shiny purple…

Brand: Matisse

Name: Daniel

Year purchased: 2010

Price: $64 (on clearance with two coupons)

Store: DSW

Debut: work yesterday

We went to DSW with expiring coupons to find Manny a pair of snowboots.  He found a pair of shoes he wanted more, and I found these.  I wasn’t planning on spending so much, and I wasn’t planning on also using my rewards coupon yet, but I couldn’t pass these up.  They were just way too cool.  It’s nice having dressy boots with almost flat heels, and I didn’t have any boots that went with brown.  So there.


Brand: Clarks
I don’t remember a whole lot about these shoes. They’re one of the Mystery Pairs lurking in my closet. And I’m writing this while waiting for a grilled cheese at Matt’s, so I don’t even have the box near me to jog my memory. Oh, well. What you see is what you get, I guess.

Brand: Franco Sarto

Name: Ivy

Year purchased: 2010 (um, yesterday.)

Price: $12! (regular price $80)

Store: DSW

Debut: right now

I found myself at the Mall of America yesterday afternoon with a wad of Craigslist cash in my pocket (I sold our old bathroom light fixture).  Naturally, I went into DSW to look around.  I found these puppies on the clearance rack for 80% off the DSW price.  Penny loafers are usually a little too conservative for my taste, but the yellow color really drew me to these shoes.  And, no, I am not putting pennies in them, no matter how often Manny asks.  The have a fake wood heel for a touch of class and are a really fun take on a classic shoe.

Brand: Sam & Libby

Name: Zees

Year purchased: 2010

Price: $27.96

Store: DSW

Debut: A showing of Sex and the City 2 at the Southdale AMC.

Manny and I met after work at the mall across the street from my office one afternoon because we had an appointment to look at some Craigslist lamps in St Paul.  I assumed I would have ten or fifteen minutes to  wander around DSW while I waited for his bus to arrive, but he left work early and arrived at the same time as I did.  We ran an errand or two in the area, and drove back past the mall on our way to St Paul.  While we were waiting in the left-turn lane, I stared out the window at DSW.  Manny said, “Are you looking longingly at DSW?”  “Yes.”  He then swerved across three lanes of traffic into the right-turn lane that goes into the mall parking lot and said, “Why don’t we get you a pair of shoes?  Would you like a pair of shoes?”

If we weren’t already married, that would’ve sealed the deal.