Brand: Etienne Aigner

Name: Cilantro

Year purchased: 2012

Store: Savers

Price: $3.50 (half off!)

Debut: not yet, but I have a skirt to wear with them

I had a thrifting date with some friends that just happened to be on MLK Jr Day, which meant that everything in both stores we went to was half off!  These shoes are beautiful.  I love Etienne Aigner shoes because they’re always so classic and classy.  These have a bit of a girly touch, too.


Navy leather boat shoes

March 10, 2012

Brand: Rock & Candy

Name: Boatie

Year purchased: 2011

Store: DSW

Price: $20.96

Debut: not yet

I had a business meeting in the suburbs one night that ended about twenty minutes before the DSW closed.  I had never been to this particular location before, so I thought I’d check out the clearance section in case they had something extraordinary.  Boy, did they!  I had fallen in love with these boat shoes in June, but couldn’t afford them at “full” price.  I kept my eye out for them all summer, but the navy leather color had sold out online very quickly and I thought my boat shoe ship had sailed because these were the only ones I liked.  Imagine my excitement when I found them five months later in my size on clearance!  Maybe I’ll have to take a trip on a boat this summer…

Brand: Nomad

Name: Drizzle

Year purchased: 2012

Store: DSW online

Price: $29.94

Debut: Yesterday for my half-birthday at the Cedar Inn

A friend had sent me a link to these shoes in orange last summer, but they were kind of expensive and I couldn’t justify the purchase.  I had gotten a gift card for Christmas, and saw that DSW had these online on clearance, so I bought the black-and-white pair in a size that sometimes fits.  When I got them in the mail, they were way too small, but DSW only had the one size for that color.  Since I was more enamored with the concept of a rain loafer and the cute bow style, I ordered the blue and lime green pair instead in a better size.  They’re super comfy and I can’t wait to wear them all spring when it rains!

Brand: Wanted

Name: Brinkly

Year purchased: 2010 (last Saturday!)

Price: $37

Store: DSW

Debut: Sunday all day

I was out shopping with a friend for wedding fabric on Saturday and I had a coupon for DSW burning a hole in my purse.  She was kind enough to stop at the nearest location and cruise the clearance room with me because I had the grand idea of finding a super cheap pair of shoes and getting them for under ten bucks (after my coupon was applied).  Then I saw these boots.  I was totally smitten.  They are lined and comfortable have a flat heel.  Oh, how I love them.

The coolest rainboots ever

February 3, 2010

Brand: Cougar

Name: Floris

Year purchased: 2008?

Price: around $35 on sale

Store: Macy’s

I was cruising the shoe department of the Southdale Macy’s one day after work, and I came upon these rainboots.  Now, I really, really like koi.  I especially like koi as a design element when they are depicted in a sumi-e painterly fashion.  These boots were 50% off, covered in koi, and impervious to rain.  Who was I to say no to all that?

Brand: Bandolino

Name: BDLace

Year purchased: 2007?

Store: Macy’s

Price: $32 on clearance

Debut: unsure

I bought these I believe with a Macy’s gift card during their after-Christmas clearance sale.  I don’t normally like slingbacks, and these are the only pair I own, but the red sparkly patent leather really got me.  They also have a really low heel, which adds a little comfort.  All in all, they’re a shoe that I consider wearing a lot more than I actually wear.

Brand: Xhilaration

Year purchased: 2008

Price: around $12

Store: Target

I bought these to wear to my friend Tari’s wedding when my feet started to hurt after wearing these shoes.  My outfit budget was starting to run out, otherwise I would’ve just gotten these other shoes in the first place, which were of better quality and matched perfectly.  I wouldn’t say it was a total waste, however.  These flats are cute in their own right and were super cheap, and they take up minimal closet space.  All in all, it was a win-win-win.