Brand: Siren by Mark Nason

Year purchased: 2012

Store/Price: these were gifted to me by a friend who was cleaning out her shoe closet

These boots are badass and I can’t wait to wear them.  I’ve been searching for a pair of dark brown knee-high boots, and these basically fell into my lap.  Many thanks!


Brand: Etienne Aigner

Name: Cilantro

Year purchased: 2012

Store: Savers

Price: $3.50 (half off!)

Debut: not yet, but I have a skirt to wear with them

I had a thrifting date with some friends that just happened to be on MLK Jr Day, which meant that everything in both stores we went to was half off!  These shoes are beautiful.  I love Etienne Aigner shoes because they’re always so classic and classy.  These have a bit of a girly touch, too.

Brand: Naturalizer

Year purchased: 2011

Store: Unique Thrift

Price: $5.99

Debut: not yet, it’s still too cold out

One more mention of my inability to stay away from thrift stores.  I had business in the southern suburbs, which means a trip to Unique Thrift was on the agenda as well.  These are not my style at all, but for some reason I just love shoes like this from the ’70s and ’80s, probably because they remind me of the shoes my mom had when I was growing up.  The footbed is padded because they’re Naturalizer, so I hope they’ll be a good pair of go-to comfy summer heels.

Brand: Jacqueline

Name: Necklace Pattern

Year purchased: 2011

Price: a birthday gift

Store: from Manny’s mom

Debut: hoping to host a holiday cocktail party so I have an excuse to wear them indoors

My mother-in-law knows me pretty well, and I’ve made it no secret how much I love vintage rhinestones.  These shoes are awesome, and I wish my birthday wasn’t at the end of summer so I could’ve worn these out on the town already.  They seem like the perfect cocktail party shoes, so maybe I’ll throw a party in my house this winter where I don’t have to go outside at all and can have a martini in one hand and these shoes on my feet.


Brand: Poetic Licence

Name: Spring Blooms2

Year purchased: 2011

Store: DSW

Price: $25 (on clearance with coupon)

Debut: Mother’s Day!

Manny and I went to the Mall of America a couple of weeks ago to run some errands, and I inevitably ended up at DSW with my rewards coupon.  These were the first shoes I spotted when I walked into the clearance section, and I held onto the box with a kung-fu-death-grip until I left the store.  When I was waiting in line to buy them, the lady in front of me made me take them out of the box because she couldn’t believe how pretty they were!  And the salesclerk exclaimed over them while she was ringing me up, so I had validation of their cuteness before they were even officially mine.

P.S.  You can’t see it in the photo very well, but the heel is shiny purple…

Brand: Unlisted

Name: Lite of Day

Year purchased: 2002

Price: $50

Store: Marshall Field’s

Remember the pair of perfect mary janes I referenced in my very first shoe post?  These are the shoes.  They were so simple and classic, I just had to have them.  My tastes have branched out since, but I do keep these around for more than just nostalgia.

That’s it.  That’s the end.  We’ve finally reached the bottom of the ol’ shoe closet.  This is the last (and 99th) shoe post until I buy another pair.  And I have a $10 DSW coupon, so it probably won’t be too long from now…

Brand: Any markings these had have long since worn off, and I got these before I started saving shoe boxes.

Year purchased: 2003ish?

Price: I would guess around $125

Store: Heavenly Soles (R.I.P.)

Black leather knee-high boots were super popular in the late ’90s and early this century, so I resisted.  I couldn’t resist for very long, though, since they have become such a classic shoe.  Most of the knee-high boots, however, were bulky and too tall on my stubby little legs, so it made it easier to write them off as Something I Will Never Have.  When I tried these on, they fit perfectly.  They’re lined and leather and pretty comfortable for a heeled boot.