Brand: Converse One Star

Year purchased: 2011

Store: Savers

Price: $10 (I think)

Debut: Matt’s Bar for dinner

My aforementioned thrift store addiction brought me into the Savers by my house one morning.  I fell in love with these sneakers immediately, but I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I just carried them around the store for awhile to make sure the clothes in my cart didn’t fit and I didn’t have to buy anything else.  They are simple and casual with a bit of pizzazz, perfect to wear with skirts and shorts while riding my bike.


Gray canvas mary jane flats

November 8, 2011

Brand: Blowfish

Name: Hannah

Year purchased: 2011

Price: $11.47 (on clearance with coupon)

Store: DSW

Debut: a show at the Kitty Cat Klub

I had my eye on these shoes for months.  Months and months.  I first saw them early in the summer in the clearance room at DSW, but they weren’t cheap enough for me to justify purchasing them for no reason.  Every time I stopped into DSW, though, all summer long, I went to the clearance room and tried them on again.  Finally, after I had received my birthday coupon to spend there and was actually looking for a different pair of shoes, they were still there at half the price they’d been before.  I snatched them up before anybody else could.  I’d like to thank the weird heat wave this fall for allowing me to wear them and find out they’re the perfect shoes for biking bare-legged in a skirt (which I suspected and is pretty much why I wanted them in the first place).


Black cotton maryjanes

September 8, 2011

Year purchased: 2011

Price: 2 pairs for $20

Store: Urban Outfitters

Debut: Hanging out with Manny’s family on a lake last weekend.

All summer long I had been wishing I had a pair of shoes like this.  After this random shopping trip, now I do!


Year purchased: 2011

Price: 2 pairs for $20

Store: Urban Outfitters

Debut: my first Lynx game last Tuesday!

Manny and I had a free parking spot in Uptown one afternoon, and our Genius appointment at the Apple Store took just a few minutes, so we wandered around and looked in a few stores.  I had been wanting some more of these fabric maryjane flats, and also needed another pair of navy blue summer shoes, so these fox shoes worked out perfectly.  It was a rare occurrence to walk up to Manny with two pairs of shoes in my hand and tell him I’m buying them instead of asking him.  They’re just so practical, it’s like buying toothpaste.  Cute toothpaste.



Brand: Unlisted

Name: Lite of Day

Year purchased: 2002

Price: $50

Store: Marshall Field’s

Remember the pair of perfect mary janes I referenced in my very first shoe post?  These are the shoes.  They were so simple and classic, I just had to have them.  My tastes have branched out since, but I do keep these around for more than just nostalgia.

That’s it.  That’s the end.  We’ve finally reached the bottom of the ol’ shoe closet.  This is the last (and 99th) shoe post until I buy another pair.  And I have a $10 DSW coupon, so it probably won’t be too long from now…

Brand: Unlisted

Name: Boss This Way PA

Year purchased: early ’00s

I also have a pair in patent leather.  I will be wearing these with my Halloween costume this year, otherwise they’re pretty much retired.

Brand: Unlisted

Name: Boss This Way

Year purchased: early ’00s?

I wore these clunkers a lot in my early 20s.  They were the more mature replacement for the round-toe goth platform mary janes that I wore in college.  Now I wonder why I still have them, other than nostalgia.