Brand: Couturé

Year purchased: 2012

Store/Price: these were gifted to me by a friend who was cleaning out her shoe closet

Debut: dancing at First Ave

These boots are awesome.  I love the giant eyelets.  They don’t have a cheater zipper, so it’s lace on and lace off every time you wear them!  Old school.


Brand: Naturalizer

Year purchased: 2011

Store: Unique Thrift

Price: $5.99

Debut: not yet, it’s still too cold out

One more mention of my inability to stay away from thrift stores.  I had business in the southern suburbs, which means a trip to Unique Thrift was on the agenda as well.  These are not my style at all, but for some reason I just love shoes like this from the ’70s and ’80s, probably because they remind me of the shoes my mom had when I was growing up.  The footbed is padded because they’re Naturalizer, so I hope they’ll be a good pair of go-to comfy summer heels.

Brand: Buskens

Name: Chico

Year purchased: 2011

Store: In Love Again on Etsy

Price: $20 + $5 shipping

Debut: not yet, waiting for warmer weather!

I love these shoes.  I’ve had these in my “favorites” on Etsy for months and months, and I finally was able to get them with Christmas money.  I cannot wait to wear these with skirts and shorts all summer long.  They have a padded footbed and super soft leather, and they’re red.

Brand: Fantasy

Year purchased: 2011

Price: $12

Store: Mighty Swell Vintage Pop-Up Shop

Debut: $1.50 High Life’s at the Cedar Inn

At the beginning of October, Manny and I took a bike ride around south Minneapolis.  We ate lunch at Chris & Rob’s, and I kept seeing stylish ladies walking to their cars with bags full of goodies while we were sitting on the patio.  I had to go where they were going, which happened to be the cutest vintage store right next door.  I found this super awesome little stadium seat that I wanted to buy, but we were on our bikes all day and wouldn’t want to carry it around.  Since it’s just a pop-up shop, I had to wait almost a month to go back and see if they still had that seat.  I talked Manny into coming with me by bribing him with lunch from Chris & Rob’s again, and the seat was still there!  I also kept trying on these shoes.  I tried them on, then walked around, then tried them on again and showed Manny, then put them back and looked around, then tried them on again, etc, etc.  They didn’t have a tag, so I had to ask for the price and cross my fingers they were within my budget because I had made up my mind at that point that they were going to fit perfectly into my fall wardrobe and were totally necessary.

Brand: Red

Name: ?

Year purchased: 2011

Price: about $30 after all was said and done

Store: Starlet Vintage on Etsy

Debut: they need to be repaired first

I sometimes torture myself by searching for vintage shoes in my size on Etsy.  These shoes caught my eye last spring, and nobody bought them (including me!) because they were priced kinda high at $68 plus ten bucks for shipping.  But I couldn’t get them out of my head.  So when I received a generous gift of cash for my birthday, I immediately knew what to do with it.  I was going to buy these shoes.  Lucky me, they were on sale for 20% off, so I shelled out $65 of my birthday money for the shoes and shipping.  When I received them, they were not in “excellent” condition as described.  They had stains and markings not mentioned in the listing, and a chew mark on the heel, plus both heel caps had fallen off (which is what needs to be repaired before I can wear them).  I still loved the shoes, but I had never spent that much on vintage/used shoes before, and I had expected them to be in pristine condition.  I was disappointed with my birthday present to myself.  I emailed the seller and explained to her the issues and that I was unhappy with the price for the condition.  It’s not like they were vintage Prada or Ferragamo or anything like that.  The very lovely and very nice seller was understanding and refunded $35 back to me, which I promptly spent on two tickets for Manny and me to go see Helmet play a show at the Cabooze.  I’m excited to get them fixed and wear them.  They’re so rock-and-roll.

Brand: Jacqueline

Name: Necklace Pattern

Year purchased: 2011

Price: a birthday gift

Store: from Manny’s mom

Debut: hoping to host a holiday cocktail party so I have an excuse to wear them indoors

My mother-in-law knows me pretty well, and I’ve made it no secret how much I love vintage rhinestones.  These shoes are awesome, and I wish my birthday wasn’t at the end of summer so I could’ve worn these out on the town already.  They seem like the perfect cocktail party shoes, so maybe I’ll throw a party in my house this winter where I don’t have to go outside at all and can have a martini in one hand and these shoes on my feet.

Brand: Prevata

Year purchased: 2011

Price: $23 + $6 shipping

Store: SweetHeart on Etsy

Debut: Manny’s show with Sorry OK in the First Ave mainroom

I bought these for a wedding I’m going to in August, to wear with a dress I’m making from a vintage pattern.  I wanted a pair of shoes that would be wearable all day, be cool enough for an outdoor summer wedding in Texas, and be something I could and would wear again.  These were totally perfect: unique and pretty, comfortable, and vintage but from a different era than my dress pattern (so as not to look like I’m wearing a costume).  I tried these out during Gastro Non Grata at First Ave, and they passed with flying colors.  I was able to wear them during load-in, sound check, through seven bands, load out, and over to the Hexagon for three more bands before my feet started to hurt.  And a group of girls I didn’t know complimented my shoes, like, gushed over them in unison, so I know I’m not the only one who loves them.